Reminton 700 Sendaro VS SF 7mmSTW $$$

Discussion in 'Rifle ID & Value' started by fosgate, Oct 21, 2005.

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    I bought a bow and I'm in the stage where I really haven't shot my rifle much and I'm considering selling it privatly. I have a Reminton 700 Sendaro VS SF (Stainless and Fluted) 7mm STW with a Matte Finish Leupold VariX3 6.5x20-50mm, I have 150 rounds of brass, and 2 canisters of powder about 1/4 a about 40 rds of a mixture of 120-140grain Nosler Partition and Ballistic tip rounds. Steel trimmed case that cost about $130 would also go with it. Also the Reloading dyes would go as well. Now I know MSRP on the rifle according to Remington is now $1095 and the scope runs $879 in target duplex or $1099 if you want the new version of the Vari X3 (cant remeber the name now). But anyway I havn't hunted anything in 4yrs and I wind up getting calls from guys who want to use it for hunting. I've got 3 tiny nicks on the bottom of the barrel from other guys using it. This year I made it perfectly clear after going through hours of bullet tuning and sight adjustments that no one is using it this year. I havn't decided for certain if I'll sell it or not but could someone give me an Idea what a respectable deal would be on this?