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Revelation 200 (Marlin 336) finished (pic)

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My 14 year old son finally finished his project gun. We picked up an old Revelation 200 (Marlin 336) in 30-30 a few months ago for 150.00. It was made in 1965, it had surface rust and wood was rough but not chipped.
He stripped the wood, smoothed it out, and refinished it. Removed all the rust, reblued all the metal using Oxpho Blue, installed a 3-9x50mm World Class scope and it is done. The picture does not do it justice. It is beautiful. We will sight the scope in at 100 yards this weekend at the range.

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Nice job Matt.Looks real good :)
hey, thats real neat, you two always seem to have some kind of gun-fixing-up projects :D
Good Job,

Glad to have found these pictures. I have a Wards Westernfield from that same Era that looks identical to your gun with the exception that Wards had Marlin put recoil pads on the guns. I paid $ 225 and feel I got a good deal on a nice clean 30-30.

Also put on a nice 3x9x40 to finish it off.

Regarding letting the little ones walk. let a real nice 6 stroll last weekend.

Goodwill and good hunting.

Rebuilding or repairing guns is more fun than buying a new gun. It gives you the satisfaction that you built it and you fixed it. Have fun! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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