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Rifle ban urged for hunting of deer

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Rifle ban urged for hunting of deer
Monday, December 26, 2005
Of Our Palmyra Bureau
A Lebanon County man who found a rifle bullet hole in his house and another in his shed thinks it's time to ban rifle hunting in North Londonderry Twp.

Kenneth Neiswender of the 700 block of Eisenhower Road, who found the holes over the last five or six years, said he's afraid someone is going to get killed.

Whether shotguns and muzzleloaders pose less risk to the public than rifles will be explored in a study that will start in January, paid for by the state.

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Not surprised at the story on several levels. I have seen some results in an ancient issue of OL (circa 'late 1970s) I was rereading a couple weeks ago where the issue of shotgun v rifle was studied and several commisions concluded that there was not that much difference in "safety levels" and about the only difference was that shotguns had shorter range which might be beneficial.

Tragic thing is that following the basic tenet of gun handling (know your background and what is beyond) seems to be ignored by some hunters and replaced by "get yer game no matter what". As such, stories such as this will not enhance the future of rifle hunting in a number of locales or the image of hunters in general.
Ohio has been a shotgun only state as long as I have been able to hunt.
It's not all bad.
I think your strategy should be to convince the insurance companies that there would be less deer killed and more auto claims due to car/deer accidents. THEN you will have a powerful lobby helping you
I knew a man that was severely castigated for turning in a group of hunters that shot deer in the fields with cattle on a small farm,one bullet went through a deer and hit a cow with calf,both were lost,I would have turned them in also had I been there.The hunters were locals that thought they could get away with it cause no one would turn them in,or so they thought.Anyone that would shoot a house on purpose should go to jail and pay for damages,anyone that shoots a house accidently should have to pay for damages and take some kind of hunting course,thats an accident that should not happen,EVER.I fear for our sport I love cause of a few people.I'm with Mountainview.Drop-Shot
The area where I hunt is the area where my dad and his family grew up/hunted (and still hunt). There are a few areas that only we are allowed to hunt because other hunters were irresponsible. For example, there is an abandoned homestead that we hunt that also has about 3-4 acres of woodland. The guy who owns the property keeps equipment out there, namely a few tractors, a truck, and some implements. There was a group that had gone through and shot up the guy's truck a few years back. The truck was kept in an open shed, which faces the river. There is a 6 foot dike between the river and the shed, with only about 25 yards between the dike and the shed. There is no way anyone could have shot it unintentionally.

The area where I hunt is now allowing the use of rifles, which I am sure many of you are aware from my other posts. I'm hoping that his is a change that stays, but this is also an area that is too valuable for farmland to ever become anything other than farmland. Its what was once the lake bottom of the glacial lake Agassiz. So the land is all incredibly rich and also extremely flat. Its only around the rivers where you will find any woodlands. Any houses not on the river have TINY lots, because they eat up too much potential farmland.

I'm looking forward to trying out a rifle for hunting for the first time.
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