rifle bullet in the rain?

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by UltraMag, May 16, 2005.

  1. UltraMag

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    I was considering shooting a .17 centerfire in the rain, but thought, what would happen to a rifle bullet if it hit a rain drop?
    Has anyone ever had an experience of a bullet hitting a rain drop?
    what are the odds of this occuring, i would imagine it would depend on the amount of rain and the range shot.
    i wonder what the odds of shooting 100 to 300 yds in the rain without the projectile hitting a rain drop along the way is?
    I can't imagine the projectile would continue unimpeded accurately to the target, my .17 cal at 4300 fps would most likely not make it to the target,i've never really shot in the rain much so have no experience with this.
  2. slugmensch

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    Of course, there is NO way to calculate the odds of a bullet striking (or being struck by) a falling raindrop. The effect would probably be similar to a bullet striking any small, thin obstruction (such as a tall blade of grass). It is likely that any bullet would be deflected a small amount (depending on the bullet weight and velocity - a VERY small amount). A .17 calibre round (at very high velocity), as compared to a larger bullet (traveling more slowly)....I'm not sure whether the deflection would be greater...or less. But, I can say....why be concerned about it ? Not to rain on your parade (no pun intended)....but, it seems an insignificant issue to me.

  3. pigeonhunter

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    How many rain drops fall within x amount of area in y amount of time? What's the weight and velocity of the raindrop? What's the total amount of exposed surface area of the bullet? How long will the bullet expose to the rain?

    You can figure it because as I sure heck don't want to! :p :D
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    The amount of deflection of a bullet would probably vary depending on various factors such as bullet weight, velocity, shape; the weight of the raindrop; and where on the bullet the drop impacted. There are other arcane factors that can affect the outcome but in any event, the deflection would be minute. My dad and uncles, who are rifle competitors, believe there is a greater affect of the high humidity encountered during a rain on the bullet's path than the chance hitting of raindrops. With high humidity, as I understand it, the air is denser which slows the bullet faster causing it to drop more for a given distance. If given a choice, they all would rather shoot a match in a steady downpour than with a consistant breeze. I personally haven't seen much difference in accuracy when shooting in a rain, the gun still grouped one minute of caribou.
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    I saw an infered and a slow to stop pics of a bullet in flight,the 223 was the round.It showed a red hot bullet pushing air and forming an airfoil around it.The pushing of air would explain why the high humidity slows the bullet a bit,but would that airfoil deflect a rain drop?I don't know but wwb may,being an engineer he would know of resistance of bullet flight by humid air as opposed to thin air where I have hunted alot.Rain is definently humid.I have shot deer in the rain but not at long distances.Thats a good question,I await more knowledgable persons info.Drop-Shot
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    Who cares about the bullet!!! Your gun will rust in the rain.
  7. wired

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    I like to shoot skeet in the rain. Don't know why, it's just fun that way. Never had any rust form on my shotgun. Same with the rifles I've shot in the rain. All ya gotta do is wipe them dry when you get home before you clean them as usual.
    Not sure how much difference a raindrop would have on the path of a bullet. I would have to say that a lighter bullet like a .17 would be deflected more easily than a heavy one. F=ma, remember?