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Rifle Comparison ?

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I am looking at getting a new 300 Win Mag this year..... I have a budget of 1200-1300.00. I have somewhat decided on getting a Remington 700 LSS with a Ziess Conquest 3.5-10 X 44.

I also looked in my Weatherby Catalog and notice a Vanguard in my price range. How does the vanguard compare to the Rem 700?

Or is there a better combo out there that I should get? I am new to rifle ... my expertise is in Handguns & Shotguns....
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A remington is a tried and true gun. But so is the Weatherby. I'd get the weatherby, I love those guns. BTW, that .300 Win mag is a great caliber.

My local gun shop suggested the I get the Weatherby in the 300 Wby Mag.....

Any suggestion on the 300 Win vs. 300 Wby?

That's a hard one. Try ballistics comparasion? If you know anyone with the calibers, might try shooting them and see which one you like better. The weatherby shells are really really expensive, but boyo, pack a punch. I've always thought Weatherby calibers more suited to Africa (I'm talking the bigger Weatherby calibers) than America. I've held the opine that a .338 Win Mag could handle all the biggest game in America. That said, the .300 will take a bunch of them as well, minus, I presume, grizz bears, etc. Really depends on what all you might hunt.

go w/ the remington weatherbys are incredibly overpriced im not saying they arent guns but the remington is just as good for less money and for the money u can save u could get a nice scope for it

I agree with MarkIVbigblock and TXVAshooter. Remingtons offer more value and you may have some extra doe rey me for scope and ammo. Don't forget the other possibles you'll need along the way. a good cleaning rod, a bore guide, rings, etc, will also add to your investment.
Weatherby shells are pricey$$$$$. If I were to go for a Weatherby I would strongly consider a non Weatherby cartrige. Not too many places stock Weatherby shells where I live which would be another concern.
Please keep us informed on your decission and results.
I own both,my vanguard is 300 weatherby and you don't need that much power for deer sized game,but it helps make you feel comfotable with elk,moose,bear.The actions are both great actions and I've seen out of the box remingtons in several calibers shoot 1inch to 1 1/2 inches,with no gunsmithing.But If you know a gunsmith that you trust and will take the guns to him,he can look down the bore,the weatherby will be hand lapped and lapped locking lugs.The remington won't be lapped but the only difference is cleaning them.The weatherby will clean faster due to hand lapping than the remington,but I feel if a remington needs parts the gunsmith can get them faster than weatherby.A friend that started me off with the mighty300 weatherby had a eject problem and they kept his gun for 5 weeks,I personally believe the remington would be easyer to get parts for.Both are great guns and I have never had a problem with either and would recommend either.Drop-Shot
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I have a Vanguard in 30-06 and I am more than happy with it.The weatherby ammo has good numbers but it aint cheap.
I wouldn't get either one of them, I'd get a Winchester Classic Super Grade. I have a Stainless Classic 300 Win with the synthetic stock. I much prefer the Winchester action to either the Remington or the Vanguard, not that they aren't both a very satisfactory rifle. I just prefer the Winchester if given a choice. I wouldn't get the .300 Weatherby either. Though I think you can get a Winchester chambered in either.

Glass? I guess the Ziess is good enough glass, but in my opinion a bit spendy for what you get. I'd get a Luepold or a Sightron If I was getting new glass. Burris is good glass as is the high end Bushnell (used to be Baush & Loumb) and the newer Weavers too. I have lots of different rifles and scopes and my favorite are still the Winchester, OLD Sakos, and Ruger 77s. I have a couple 700s and 660s, fine shooters all, I just like the Winchester best especially in the field!

Ziess, Leitz, Schmidt & Bender, Swarvoski, all very good glass, but very pricy. Way more glass than most anyone really needs. More of an ego thing in my opinion.

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Hey 4310 and welcome to the best sit in the world,but weatherby ammo is sky high,I wanted 1 box of weatherby ammo but it was 53.00 a box.Didn't you say it was in 30/06?cause you have a ton of ammo for it.It's cheap but great ammo and everywhere,I've taken many elk and all was with a 30/06,my next one will be # 16 and I hope to take one with a hand gun.Weatherbys are great guns but require special ammo except for the few that were made for standard calibers,and If you have 30/06 thats great.Drop-Shot
I would have to say that the Weatherby you are talking about is the low end Miroku Weatherby and nothing like the Mk5.I would have to say go with either the Winchester BP is talking about( great rifles) or the Remington 700. As for scopes, you can get good quality for a lesser price.
Hey 8pointduck you say the newer weatherbys are not weatherby anymore?I got mine as a present about 9 years ago,and it shoots just over 1 inch at 100 yards,but you will get a sore shoulder from the 300 weatherby mag.Drop-Shot
DS, I'm only talking about the Vanguards. I'm not a real big Weatherby fan,but if I got one it would be an Accumark.
8Point is right.The 4 digit price Weatherbys use a 6 or 9(can't remember) locking lug action.The Vanguard uses the traditional 2 lug setup.The Vanguard I have was made by Howa.Howa is selling their own line of rifles now as the Howa 1500.The 1500 action is used on the Smith & Wesson 1500 and Mossberg 1500 as well as the Vanguard.Last I heard,Howa was still making guns for the Vanguard line,but I can't swear to that.The Vanguard will not have the fancy action,stock and bluing that the higher dollar Weatherbys have,but you still get a good gun.My 30-06 Vanguard is just as accurate as my brothers 30-06 Win.model 70 and didn't cost as much either.Both guns shoot 150 gr.Rem. core-lokt.
hey burntpowder,How accurare is the winchesters you shoot?Drop-shot
Oops thats right ! Its Howa and I said Miroku......sorry :oops:
burn'tpowder,What turned you on to winchester?What calibers do you shoot and how accurate are th winchesters.I have never owned a bolt action just a 94 30/30.I loved the gun but the no scope thing was a bummer,but I have seen(never owned)great looking winchesters and all ways wondered? how well are they are put together.Drop-Shot
Drop Shot,
I have a Win. featherweight Classic in 243. My first rifle actually. I was first drawn to it by name alone. I later acquired a Ruger in 308. They both have the same action design so they should feel the same. ...The Winchester wins hands down. I'm mostly refering to the bolt operation and safety. It's like budda. The bolt on the Winchester feels like its sliding on magnetic rails assembled by elves in there spare time off from a Swiss watch factory. The safety, again both derived from the same concept, is right there and ready for use without any forthought.
The Ruger feels massive and certainly strong yet looser in tollerance and somewhat clunky. The safety when on safe sits back into the shroud and when you remove the safety you have to kind of dig around in there and flip it off. Gloves are a real hassle during operation.
Overall I like the looks of the Winchester, Like the Mauser action and the safety above the Ruger. I've heard of bad service and quality control from time to time with the Winchesters but I have not experienced it. Ruger in my experience has top notch service. I have no other exposure to other bolts rifles of any merrit but this is why I agree with burntpowder though our reasons probably differ. sappyg

ps, anyone ever had a problem editing text? the line should read "assembled" by elves :oops:
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Thanks sappyg I was just wondering.I sure have seen nice looking rifles but for some reason I never bought one.But with your kind recommendation I may.In one collum I said My next gun would be a titka t3 in 300 wsm,I looked at one and Iwasn't that impressed,I hear they shoot well but I like the classic looks of the remington CDL and Winchester new model 70 I think it was called,Now that I know folks with one I would be more likely to get one.I love the 94 and other lever actions and now I like the newer boltactions.Drop-Shot
Hey chips arn't you the one that got the sightron 1.5-6x42?How do you like it? is it clear?Is thete any thing you don't you don't like?How about low light conditions?I got the information fron sightron but have not made up my mind about it,keep me informed.Drop-Shot
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