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Rifle slings...

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Which do you prefer ,leather or synthetics like cordura?
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I'm old fashion, I still perfer leather over synthetic. I make all my own slings and decorate them to my taste.
I don't really use a SLING - at least as I think of one - just a plain leather strap.

I have QD swivels, and carry the strap as a bandoleer under my jacket, not on the rifle. The only time the strap is on the rifle is when it's slung over my shoulder and I'm dragging a deer.

As to the leather/synthetic question, it's leather without question; the synthetic ones slide around and the rifle ends up hanging horizontally under your arm with the muzzle to the rear.
I have a cheap camo synthetic sling from Wal-Mart on my .243 and I carry it everywhere including up to my tree stand. I think it works very well.
my cousin got me an allen sling from wal-mart that is suppost to hold 4 large shells. I took the thread from between each of the two holders and now I can carry two 10 round mag's for my .22 viper. its really nice, and it matches the all black look of my rifle. Its also gripy rubber, and really soft padded.

Most of the "slings" they sell at Wal-Mart would be more accurately described as carrying straps. Granted, you could use one as a hasty sling if you needed to. I'm old fashioned as well, and I prefer thick leather military-style slings. I'd even accept those 3-point attachment type slings (the ones where there's an extra attachment in front of the magazine). I actually use them as full-on shooting slings when I'm not shooting offhand. For the typical cheap Wal-Mart straps, I always try to adjust them how I can use them as some kind of shooting aid.

I agree about the nylon ones sliding around too much. I like the fact that the leather ones "grip" better. Something for everybody, though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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