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rifles only ??

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hi everybody ,just curious is shooting world only for rifles or single projectile firearms ? :? errol
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This sight is actually a spinoff of Shotgunworld is a huge forum with all the info you will ever need about shotguns and some damn nice people too. Both sights are run by the same guy, Jay Gentry, and most of us hear started out over on Shotgunworld. Go on over and check it out, it's some good stuff. Hope this helps.
errolhunter said:
hi everybody ,just curious is shooting world only for rifles or single projectile firearms ? :? errol
I'm pretty sure that it is only rifles right now (correct me if I'm wrong). I think Pistolworld is currently under construction.
Don't expect to see pistolworld until this one is up and running at 100% . These things take time , but the results are usually phenominal (sp).
thanks guys, i just wasn't sure so i had to ask,seeing how i don't do compettion shoot just hunt with one on occasion. thanks errol hunter ps. glad to see some familiar names here
I sure are happy that a handgun section is on it's way.I now have had 3 back operations,the last one dec 22 I had an anterior and postterior fusion fron L3 to S1.They had to cut fron my lowest rib on my let sideall the way down to the little fellow,took my intestines out so they could drill 7 2inch holes in my vertabre,they put plates ,screws that had a machined plates on top of them a stainless rod was assembled and when bolted down thats as tight as possible,nothing can move.and on the back he cut me from my butt crack to my lower shoulder would be,so now my butt crack runs up to my shoulder blades.I said aa that to say all this,If I get to hunt I sure couldn't carry a rifle but mabe a hand gun. Every body give me your best advice on which gun,Cartridges and loads for 45 LC I can;t do much but I can shoot as long a hour or so but some hunting will be therapy.,but I can'tgo all day anymore
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If you want to get the best out of the .45 lc then you need to handload. Most of the factory ammuntion is loaded to low pressures because so many of the .45's out there are pretty old, plus the cowboy action shooters like the weaker loads. It is still a fun shooting round though. Sorry to hear about your back problems, I've had some back problems myself but nothing quite as serious as that. :(
Thanks for the reply gwp4ever,I'm doing much better than it sounds but I'm serious about handguns though,I do reload but I picked up a box of 45lc Buffalo Bore 260 gr j.h.p thats rated at 1450 f.p.s.I mostly use ruger and I know not to use these in my colt clones.Check out these at,I only got one box of 20 and have not felt well enough to try them out yet but I will soon.I also own a couple of 44 mags and Garrett makes a 310 gr load and Federal makes castcore loads in 300 gr.I'll let you know how the Buffalo Bore loads do as soo as I use them,and 44 castcores.Drop-Shot
I have this RIFLE... 7-1/2 inch barrel, 6-shot rotary magazine, .44 Rem Mag caliber....
wwb,thanks for the input,yours is bigger than mine.I only have 5 1/2,inches,I love the 44 mag and 45lc .Drop-Shot
hey wwb,which is more desireable,penetration or expansion?Drop-Shot
Speaking of the heavy .44 mag loads (garrett 310 gr, and Federal castcore 300 gr) would yall recomend shooting those in a Ruger carbine? or would they be too much for it?
Man DP! I really had not looked at this tread until now. I hate to here what has happened with your operation. I hope you fully recover and soon.
me too 8point,I can walk so we will see ,I sure have my problems so I may not hunt or mabe with a hand gun,I'm looking foward to all the hunting stories both good and bad from all my friends at shooting world.This site has kept me sane,and not dwelling on my problems.I can't do as I wish any more but I can re-live you stalking that 10 point and pulling the trigger when the time is right.Learn to post pictures so I can see him,If by chance they put sugery off till january,I may get to go.I have this 358 and I will try to use it but if not a hand gun will work,gwp4ever is going antelope hunting shortly and he will promised to give all details.This site keeps me in touch with hunting and I thank Jay Gentry for that,I would be a basket case by now without shootingworld.Thanks,Drop-Shot
midwayman1 you can use 300 gr castcores but the 310 gr is a bit too long .They only recommend shooting the 310 garretts in the redhawk or super redhawk,they are even too long for the blackhawk I was told.So 300 gr only,and if your carbine is a ruger,no sweat.Drop-Shot
midwayman1 you might want to take a look at and take a look at some hefty 44 mag and has some heavy weights too.How do you like the ruger carbine?Drop-Shot
I love my little carbine!! Its small, light weight, and it has very little recoil. I was impressed with the accuracy too, last time I shot it at the range off sandbags, it was grouping 1-1/2" at 100yds with 240g magtech factory loads. its my primary brush buster for these mid Georgia whitetails. I reccomend everyone invest in a .44 carbine. for the record, the rifle I am referring to is an original 44 carbine, not one of these new "deerfield" carbines that ruger came out with. I am a little skeptical about those.

sorry to hear about your back, I dont think I could handle all that.

get well soon,
Thanks Tim I'm still looking at serious problems down the road but I get around pretty well.Have you been in the woods yet?See any thing?Have a good season.Drop-Shot
last week I went out to the land to shoot my glock, saw 3 does and 2 young bucks. I didnt know they were there, and it caught me off guard. cant wait 2 more years till those bucks grow up. they were looking really heathy. ha ha, the neighbor's got an OLD gleaner combine and it doesnt catch all the grain, so the deer get a treat every year.

thank you,
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