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Anybody know what RMEF stands for in relation to the 35 Whelen ? just curious

The Riverhawk
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RMEF stands for Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Maybe what you are looking at is a commererative (sp) ?
When I was a grunt in Vietnam, we had a similar term.... REMF

What it stood for isn't suitable for printing here.... RMEF just sorta caught my temporarily dyslexic attention.
Thank you guys for your response, next time I am curious I now know where to go. The board where I saw the mention of RMEF will not let me on.
Thanks again
Speaking of elk, where can a poor man go to hunt them without taking out a loan
wwb - LOL!!! I don't think the RMEF classifies as a REMF unit they are pretty much out front!!

8pointbuck - partner and I used to go through an outfitter in Idaho, setting up in an unguided spike camp. It was way affordable, but as I said it was an unguided spike camp, they just pack you in to the camp, drop you off and you are on your own. It worked well for us, as we were extremely knowledgable about elk & hunting them. We did well, due to the fact that it was a good area, we hunted hard & knew (for the most part) where an elk was likely to be hanging out :? or maybe more accurately we knew where they darned sure weren't likely to be, but if you have ever been elk hunting you know that you never know as much as you think you do about them!!
I never have but its becomming an obsession to me to go
8point if I ever get back to montana I could set you up on public land,but you have to be able to walk pretty good.I walk almost all day and set up base camp.I use a mule,not a real mule but an aliminun rail on 2 wheels.I have a spot that has 2 giant boulders on each side an a simelar one behind me.I put a tarp over the whole thing and stay there 2 weeks.But that was when I was healthy,I'll see if I get well enough to do that again.Colorado used to sell elk tags over the counter,I don't know if they still do.In montana if you get lost you have to pay for a rescue,and that could run in the thousands if helocopters are used.Save for a drop hunt,thats the cheapest.The guide drops you off in elk country and come back in 5 days.Drop-Shot
One of these days it is going to happen, I don't know when but it will be soon
I feel the way you do about elk but for Carribou. I can only dream about hunting the northern tundra for those awsome animals. Here's to hunts yet to come ....cheers.
Well g sappy we just got to save some money.........if I can
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