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Romanian .22 Training rifles from SOG

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Hi Guys:

I'm considering picking up a half-dozen of these rifles from SOG, to use for a Hunter's Safety program. At $50 each, the price is right, and the bolt configuration works well for instruction. Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they worth the low price?

Thanks and regards,
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I went ahead and bit the bullet on these. Bought six rifles for a total cost of $348.00 (incl shpg + transfer), and have been pleasantly surprised. Condition is very good, some wear but on the whole very serviceable, & the rifling looks good. Cleaning the Cosmoline off is a pain, but for less than $60 each, I think I can live with it!
If you find a source for the magazines let me know. I got one last year but haven't shot it yet. The magazine that came with it is in-operable.


SOG says they're out of stock right now, but should have some around the end of May. Check for contact info.

Re: re: Romanian .22 Training rifles from SOG

JWiley said:

SOG says they're out of stock right now,...
Thanks, I'll try that.
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