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I have one in .338 w/ a heavy bull barrel on it and that son of a bitch is heavy of course it has a leupold vari x III 3.5-10x50 AO on it which doesnt help the weight much but i love it and wouldnt trade it for anything I love the #1's and was lookin at one in .375 H&H but they said it was 6 months b4 it would be delivered if i ordered it. I love the #1 I think its the best rifle ruger makes and its def. the best single shot around Im not big on the stainless over laminated I wish they made one thats stainless over walnut anways go w/ a #1 u wont be dissappointed.


BTW what caliber were u lookin at? one in the new .204 ruger would be cool I saw one but they sold it way before i finally got the money to buy it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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