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    I am looking for a new deer rifle for my wife. I am thinking a ruger compact in .260. I need a light rifle and also need to keep recoil low because of my wifes arthritis and bad back. Does anybody have any experience with this combo. I want a bit larger than 243 just in case. thats not saying my wife is a bad shot, she is very patient and will let the biggest deer walk if she does'nt get the shot she wants. I just want a gun that she can carry and stand to shoot. Thanks for any help.
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    If you go with the standard instead of the compact, it'll be a little heavier (less recoil). Shooting from a stand, where you're not required to hold the rifle constantly, the extra weight would be no problem.

    You might even consider something with a little more ooomph, but not much more recoil, like the 7mm-08.