Ruger M77 7mm Rem. MAG. value?

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Anonymous

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    Does anyone have an idea what a Ruger M77 7mm Rem. MAG. with a Redfield 3x-9x scope would be worth? Has never been shot, thanks.
  2. grimel

    grimel Guest

    tang safety or 3 postion on the reciever? Synthetic or wood?

    HERE, wood 3 postition safety rifle would be $350ish, $450sh with scope.

  3. 8pointduck

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    Mine was worth $460 to me when I sold it
  4. markIVbigblock

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    they regularly go on gunbroker gunsamerica and auctionarms for 350-400$ which I think is a bargain I just wish I had an extra 350$ layin around

  5. Anonymous

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    if it is a markII (3 pos. safety) a fair price for the rifle is anything under 450.00 as you can usualy find a sale on them somewhere for that price. if it is a tang safety and has some of the nicer wood, they can go higher. i have a mark II in 7mm rem mag with the walnut stock, i got it at a great price when one of the big stores merged last year and was trying to move stock. i see them all the time now listed around the 450.00 i listed above. i am very pleased with mine and also very pleased with ruger overall.if you can get it for 400.00 or less i would jump on it. i do not know a value for the scope you mentioned. also i am refering to the blued version not the s.s.
    the 7mm in the walnut stock does not kick as bad as i thought it would. i have not regreted the purchase, on another note i tried some of the remington managed recoil loads in it this fall just for grins. it shot very well (just lower by 2" @ 100yds)and the recoil was nothing more than a push with that rifle. energy with those loads(managed recoil) are copmparable to a 7-08. hope this helps