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    I'm wondering what everybody has to say about subsonic .22LR ammo. I've heard a lot of reports of it being great for rabbit hunting and such. I'm probably gonna try a box of it to see how good it works, but I was wanting to hear some opinions on the stuff first. Most of the additions to my arsenal from this point on are going to be .22LR firearms cuz they're so much dang fun to shoot (and so dang cheap to shoot!). The ol' ball and chain loves them, too. It would be nice to have some ammo options available to me other than just the typical stuff (my shotguns have spoiled me on this "ammo options" concept).

    You may begin.
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    I shoot remington subsonic stuff. My marlin semi shoots about .25" at 40 yds. It has no noise, no recoil and most of the time if you miss, the critter doesnt move. I have gotten multiple shots on squirrels and chipmunks because of my shakey offhand shooting and subsonic ammo. the first shot catches them offguard. they look at you but aint sure what went wizzing by them. If you miss on the second shot they are gone. Try it out but use it fast. I have a box of 50 that is about 4 years old and they jam because of the swollen bullet. Not sure if it is a bad batch but it swelled up in about 2 years. I have several bricks of federals that i shoot that are from the 70's. So if you buy the subsonic shot it fast.


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    I,ve played with some of the sub stuff and found it to be pretty accurate. More expensive than normal 22's but.... If ya wanta try something fun and if your 22 is a bolt gun,try some of the CB caps. Nice and quiet,but pretty accurate. My dad used to shoot squills off the bird feeder in the back yard with a Rem 22 pump. He would walk into the kitchen, see em out there again and run for the gun! We lived in an OLD house that had cheap screening on the windows.If he couldn't get the screen moved without scaring them off,he'd shoot thru it. Mama hardly ever heard the gun go off,which is amazing considering she could here me or him every time we mumbled under my breath. She never did get foundered on squill though. Lots of gravy,taters and squill til after my dad passed away. Maybe that's why he put up the feeder to start with...Not so much for the birds,but bait for the squills. HAHA!