s&w 22a good or bad??

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by 870 Flyer, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. 870 Flyer

    870 Flyer Guest

    im also looking at a s&w 22a anyone have any suggestions??

  2. wudjalike2no

    wudjalike2no Guest

    mine is great, very accurate and easy to clean

  3. uglydog

    uglydog Super Member

    I've got one too but am not as happy with it as wudjalike2no is. My main complaint is it is touchy about being put back together after cleaning, it is very easy to get the rear of the barrel out of kilter and then it won't fire. I had to go through 8 of these guns for a WSSF function and get them in working order. I bought mine for its ability to have optics mounted on it. It is fairly accurate, not as much as my High Standard but enough for a plinker.
  4. Clayslayer

    Clayslayer Well-Known Member

    Quit taking it apart then. Sounds stupid but it works. Normally a semiauto pistol/rifle in .22 caliber doesn't need to be broken down very often (ever) for cleaning. Unless you drop it in the mud or something like that you shouldn't really be taking it apart.

    Case in point: My dad's Ruger 10/22 was made in 1976 (bicentennial model) and has never had more than a swab down the bore. It's been fired rather heavily for nearly 30 years with zero malfunctions.

    Swab the bore, get the big chunks off with a Q-tip or a pipecleaner, put a light coat of oil on it and you're done. If you're a clean freak go ahead and clean all you want but I'm not really in favor of breaking down my own guns into every single piece after every firing.