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Sako Finnbear.... ?

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Hi everyone... i have an older friend who is willing to sell me his Finnbear rifle for $450.... he says he has never shot it since he has two of the same rifles... (he did car work for someone and got paid in rifles)

What i want to know is... since i have never heard of the brand personally and am a fan of the Rem M700..... is it worth the $450? How do they shoot? (I would have a pattern on it but my buddy never shot this one since he has two)

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I can tell you that it is worth the money. What caliber is it in?
I think that the Finnbear was a Sako. If that's the case, it may be worth a little more. You'd be getting a deal! I just tried it on google and came up with three starting at $750 and going to $1295. Buy this sucker quick before he changes his mind!!!

Go to Google and type in Sako Finnbear.

Got it at $500 flat... he kinda realized what he did and asked me $600 for it... but i told him how its not right that he should change his mind for it and gave him $500 and a Penn fishing real($180), since were buddies......

thanks everyone.......

Sako makes the best rifles in the world(maybe not counting some custom guns) and what else would you expect, they are owned by beretta!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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