Savage 340

Discussion in 'Bolt Action' started by Anonymous, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

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    Does anybody shoot one of these? I have 2 of them. 30/30,.222.
  2. Anonymous

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    I have one in 30/30 it is a great shooter. It was given to me by a friend and it was in a bad way with rust but the barrel rifling was in good shape so I went to work on the rust and then reblued the complete rifle. It is a show thing now and it is a great shooter. There are a lot of parts around for it so repair is easy. I hope you have as much fun with yours as I have with mine.


  3. john wall

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    i had a 340 in 30/30 when i was a kid in the '50s. i loaded for it, and it was accurate. i liked that old gun, too bad they are long discontinued.
  4. uglydog

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    These and the Stevens 325 in 30/30 are some of my favorite starter deer rifles. I've bought 5 of them so far for nieces and nephews and I hope to get one for myself some day. They are accurate, light, and can be found very reasonable. I buy them every chance I get. With 150 grain spitzer reloads and a scope, they easily take deer out to 200 yards or so. The only negative is that I have run across three that had excessive headspace, enough that the primers were partially backing out. Those three were stripped of parts and destroyed as correcting the problem costs more than a new gun.
  5. luv2safari

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    "Guest"...sign up and join us... :D :D

    I wish I owned your 340 in tripple duce, and you had a better one... :wink:
  6. Anonymous

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    Would not mind having one or two or one of each myself. The 340 is a nice piece and I would not mind being able to pick one up in 30-30. Anyone know the availability of 340's at the gun shows? Never see any on the used rack.
  7. Anonymous

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    I had one on 22 Hornet. Worst gun I ever owned. The think wouldn't cycle rounds. Tried a new clip, but to no avail.

    Shot around corners too.

    Just a plain piece of junk for me.

    I think I gave it away, or possible I through it away. I can't recall.
  8. UltraMag

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    I always wanted a 340, especially in .222, but never did get one.
  9. goose

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    as far as 222 goes i always like my dad swift first production 222

    only got to shot it once and dang you could drive tacks with that things.

    straightest shooting, most consistant gun i ever saw in my life
    you could put a 5 shot group in a spot the sixe of your thumb nail and i am not bench rest shooter so i was in total aww.

    that however was the one and only time he ever let me shoot it so it sits in the safe looking pretty and getting no action.

    but from what i have been told there is a very good reason for that.

    mind you and i quote
    " guns are made to be used as long as their not abused"

    and he let me as a 16 year old use a winchester 1894 made in 1906 but as a knowledgable adult he wont let me touch that thing for the life of me.
  10. RePete

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    I had one in triple deuce, and wish I hadn't got rid of it.

    If I did my part, it would shoot just under 1/2" @ 100yds with 52gr match bullets, and the best part was that it wasn't fussy about which match bullet.