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Savage 99

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Thought I might strike up a little action. :wink:

Any of ya shoot a Savage. I just picked up one in .358 Win. Got it dialed in for this deer season that starts for me this Saturday.

I really like it. Been looking for one in this Caliber or 300 savage for 3 years. Finally found this one at a fair price. I saw many 300's, but they ranged in price from $300 to $800. that is way to high for a 300. But then I found this 358 for $750! It's a good shooter and worth more than a 300.
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My dad has a Savage 99 in 300 Savage. I really like it. The rotary magazine lets you use pointed bullets where the 94 series lever guns require flat tip bullets to prevent "spontenous combustion" in the magazine tube.

I think you got a good buy.
I just now saw your post...

My very first deer rifle was a Savage 99F in 243, bought in July, 1959. I no longer have it, but I do have a 99 in 300 Svg and use it for coast deer in N. Kaliphornia. I have a Weaver K3 in Weaver pivot mounts on it, and it is a wonderful close quarters deer rifle.!!! :D :D
love to have you ever seen a savage 99 without a grade on it?

everyone says it should state 99a to 99g grades

my dads 303 has no grade on it just savage 99 and then the barrel is stamped savage express steel 303 caliber

serial 9975x

to the best of my knowledge anything under 90,000 is unsafe to shoot as the breach would crack on the back left side
ps. know anyone interested in a tripple barrel dreilling

I'm no expert on 99's. The "F" for my model was Featherweight. The 300 SVG I have now is a 99E, I believe. It is a 1950's gun with checkering and a Schnobble forearm.

Any 99 experts out there...??? :?:
Not I. I know my fathers 99 is old. It was his father's before him. It's in decent shape, has a schnabel front end and that's about all I know about it.
thank you for hte info i will keep searching recods to see what else i can find... there are numerous databases out there online just takes persistance
Everything you wanted to know about savage levers (and then some) can be found at

Huge amount of info.

As to pre 90,000 being unusable... I think that is a "urban myth" My 17XXX hasn't blown up yet, and there's lots of guys still shooting lower numbered models than that.

:D I have a savage model 99r,with an old weaver 2x5,in an echo side mount,in 300 savge,got it from gunsamerica,for about$325.00,last year,always wont'ed a model 99 in the 358cal,but just to high,got me a model winchester model 1886 in 45/70. :wink:
goose said:
have you ever seen a savage 99 without a grade on it??
I bought one that doesnt. Made in 1923-24.
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