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Discussion in 'Bolt Action' started by Anonymous, May 12, 2004.

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    im considering getting a savage .308 i only have a few questions
    here it is
    1. can i buy it since its an LE gun
    2. anyone know typical markup on it?
    3. anyone have any previous experience
    this will not be a hunting rifle it will be a target rifle only.
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    please someone say something

  3. chips

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    this site is brand new, and there arent very many members yet. give it some time, and someone will answer your question.

    the only answer i know is that you can buy it. just because it is LE, that doesnt mean it is restricted only to law enforcement
  4. mountainview

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    I don't have much experience with the 10LE but suspect it is available to the civilian market unless it is posted on the Savage website as available to law enforcement agencies only. If you are just looking for a target rifle, take a look at the 12FV in 308 if you don't mind the longer barrel. I have one in 223 and it is a great shooter and I regret not having gotten one earlier. The accutrigger is awesome.

    Good luck.
  5. Anonymous

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    My wife purchased the left-handed version of the 10FP
    when we got into informal target shooting. After a little
    practice, she was able to humiliate most anyone who
    cared to lay a rifle on the bench with her. Self included.
    We kept records of our sessions for a year or so, and our
    collections of targets would indicate that this rifle is
    capable of shooting with the best of them as it comes out of
    the box. You may want to adjust the trigger a bit lighter, but
    other than that, you can't do much better for a reasonably
    priced tack driver. We reload, so you may want to try several
    types of ammo to see which one suits your rifle the best.
  6. sappyg

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    Man now I'm wanting one of these. I'm leaning more toword the 10FP in .223. Looks like a great rifle. Please tell use how it's working for you. sappyg
  7. Anonymous

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    I had the 10FP in 223 with the accu-trigger. The gun shot very nice, about .5in at 100yards with cheap ammo. I think that Savage has done an awsome job with the new triggers. The stock is kind of chinsy, but there are a lot of after-market stocks for the gun. Good luck
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    I really like the 10flp, im left handed and this gun runs about 572 (msrp) compared to my remington 700 vs that ran me about 837 (msrp) I wish I would have found this one first. maybe ill sell my remington in turn for the savage.

    I havnt shot the savage, but I have handled it, and I really like it.

  9. Jrboltaction

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    the .308 is a great target rifle, and savage would be to manf. to buy from. if i was buying the gun for targets i would get the longest barrel available. for two reasons. ONE, the extra weight and, TWO, the highier velocity capabilities.

    You can lose 30 to 50 FPS per inch, on the shorter barrel. :( or gain that on the longer. 8)

    this could be critical for the use with certain powders etc.. :oops:
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    ok, 308 is a great round for target shooting and hunting
    mild recoil and many manufactures load match grade rounds
    I have two 308 both top notch
    Rem 700 LTR with a 20 inch barrel that shoots a 1,000 yds no problem.
    in fact both my 308's have the shorter barrel. I shoot 175grain Black Hills which is one of the finest match rounds out there
    I recommend you get a 20 inch barrel for both hunting and match
    you can't go wrong.
    Once you buy whatever gun you decide upon. FIND a gunsmith who can check the beddinga nd smooth out the action you won't be sorry
  11. Outsider_10FP

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    I own a 10fp /le
    You CAN buy it from a shop.
    It is just a tact. rifle. Not an AUTO!
    I say get it, it is THE most accurate out of the box rifle you can buy at those prices.
    I can hit a baseball at 600 yards, with Remington 150 CorelokT.
    No Mods to the rifle at all.
  12. Matt67C10

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    I couldn't tell you about the LE model, but I have a 16FXP3, in .308Win. It was the package deal. If I were to do it over, I would have bought the rifle and scope seperately, but I didn't have a lot of $ at the time.
    The .308 is durable and is incredibly accurate. The bolt action is smooth and the adjustable accu trigger is great. It's not the most attractive rifle ever made, but it gets the job done and is extremely accurate right out of the box. I'm extremely impressed with Savage.