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I know I placed a thread here yesterday but I'll be darned if I can find it now. I will try again and see what happens.

I am thnking about buying the follwoing rifle and would like to know what you all think.

1. Savage Mod10 Tactical
2. 24" bull barrell with recessed target crown
4. Synthetic stock
5. 308 cal.
6. Tasco AO11. This has the range finder up front and the game settings on the back.
7. Rifle is in prestine shape. Scope same condition
8. Extendable Bipod, Swivel type.
9. No Accu trigger
The rife has had maybe 5 rounds through it. Bolt still has the Tactical printing on it like it was never used. I think the gun was built in the 90's and discontinued in the 90's. I am unable to find anything in the new blue books.
The closest thing I found was the model 10fp for $598.00.

I also think the Tasco scope has been discontinued. I can't find anything on it anywhere.

I haven't shot it yet so I'll see how that works this weekend.

Now, the individual that is trying to seel it me said that he paid $700.00 for it and would like to get $600.00 to $650.00. I am thinking somewhere in the area of $550.00 to $575.00.

What do you folks think????


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Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same thing. I was just looking for some confirmation because I have checked several gun shops and several big sports stores and no one has them.
I called Savage and they told me that the gun was manufactured in Sept 1999 and is still in production and the cost for it back then was $340.00 and with normal price increases it should be going for about $350 to $365 with acutriger. Tasco went bankrupt in 2001 and Bushnell bought some of their stuff and another company bought the rest. According to bushnell the AO11 was only made for three years and then discontinued and sold for about $110.00. The Bipod can be had today for about $60 to 90 dollars depending on wether or not it swivels. Well I think I'll try and get the price down some, if not he can keep it and I will buy new.
Thnaks again.

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