Savage Model 11FC

Discussion in 'Bolt Action' started by Vespasian, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Vespasian

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    I'm looking at the Savage Model 11FC in 22-250 for coyote hunting. The 11 FC is the only Savage center-fire rifle that has a detachable box magazine. I'm interested to know whether it’s reliable and whether extra magazines are readily available. Any opinions?

  2. mountainview

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    Well Ves, I don't have the 11FC but my other 3 Savage bolt guns fill the bill for me quite nicely and did not break the bank. Like the Timex watches of old, they take a licking and keep on ticking. Biggest complaint people seem to have on the Savages are that they somehow offend their aesthetic sensibilities. Personally I think they look fine and even better, they are accurate out of the box. With the new accutrigger, there is no need to enrich the smith to get the trigger set where you want it, set your pull to where you want it and go shooting.

    Can't comment on clip availability but I'd recommend that you do a web search and see who offers what or even call the factory direct.

  3. cobra

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    I've had several Savages over the years and I like their clip setup better than most. They are reliable and easy to use. I agree with Mountainview, call the factory, they are pretty helpful.