Discussion in 'Handloads' started by Big Yac, Apr 21, 2005.

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    I've been reloading shotgun shells for years but now I'm getting into rifle/pistol reloading. Before I start however I am getting a scale. The one I use for shotguns is one of the balance type, but for my metallic reloading I'm going to get a digital scale. I'm looking at two different models, both are of the sclae/ dispenser combo type, you enter in your charge weight and press dispence, sending a powder charge out into a scale. The two different brands are RCBS and PACT. Anyone have any opinions on these? Are the PACT scales any good?
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    PACT scales are very good scales. One word of advice on digital scales though....they are extremely sensitive to any motion. If you have a window open and a breeze comes throught and blows across the scale it won't read till it stops. You might want to set a box or something beside it to block any such nuisance.