Scope on an M1 Carbine

Discussion in 'Military Style' started by KenK, May 2, 2005.

  1. KenK

    KenK Guest

    Anybody got this setup? What mount/scope did you use?
    I like the Bushmaster mount. Looking for suggestions on
    what kind of scope to use for paper targets up to 100 yards.
  2. uglydog

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    I have a red dot type sight on my M-1 carbine. I bought the base a couple of years ago and it looks like Midway USA is carrying them. It replaces the rear sight which prevents having a back up plan if something happens to the optics. I have seen a "scout" type mount base which looks intriguing. I may have to pick one up someday. I picked a red dot as a sight since I use this gun for predator control and often shoot late evening or at night. The cross hairs of most scopes are not visible at these times unless I wish to spend more money than the gun is worth. for general plinking about any scope in the $40 + range should be fine, I would look at something in a 2.5x at least and top off with a 4x. The inexpensive scopes whould do well in this application as there is little recoil from the cartride to knock the adjustments out of whack. One thing I found helpful was to replace the stock with a syntetic one that is a bit longer. The standard GI stock is a good inch too short for most people which can place your eye too close to the scope for adequate eye relief. One will probably not get bit by the scope but the field of view was smaller than it should have been.