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scope suggestions

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I have a remington model 700 in 22-250cal. I was just wondering if anybody has any experience or could suggest a scope for this gun. I currently have the bushnell banner 6x-18x power that I'm less than impressed with. I'm looking for a scope with a a max price of $700.
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Well Stoogots, there are a lot of good choices out there and I'd recommend a trip to several shops to see what matches your likes and then looking over several brands. Leupold is an old standby, hard to beat, and I like their customer service on the rare occasions I've needed it. Simmons products have also worked fine for me and their customer service has also been rather good.
If you are looking to drop that kind of cash look at Zeiss or Swarovski. I personally like Leupolds too, and just like mountainview said they are hard to beat.
Regardless of manufacturer, I would definately recommend a 30mm scope over a 1" tube scope for the rifle you have. That rifle, chambered for that round will be capable of REALLY long distances. If you handload, and/or have the rifle "trued" it is highly likely that your rifle will be VERY accurate at REEEEEALLLY long ranges 500-700yds +. 1" tube scopes cannot be used for those ranges because they run out of room (adjustments) at about 450yds. And what good is a rifle that is accurate to 700yds if the scope can only go to 450???
Hello everybody. Do yall suggest that I go with a NIKON or a Leupold for my 300 mag
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