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    Anyone tried out the leupold rifleman scopes? I've got a couple of vari-x II on rifles, and they're top notch, even though they're not the top of the food chain for leupold. i see now leupold has the rifleman series and the vx 1 series. i can't seem to tell the difference in the making of those two series. I'm looking into getting a scope to put on a 7 mag. Before I shelled out the bucks for the now vx II line, i thought I'd ask about the others. I'm not cheap, but I'll take a deal if i can get it. :p
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    I have a couple vari-xIII's and a vari-xII i bought the III's because they are fully multicoated w/ the multicoat 4 now i understand that the new vxII's are fully multicoated w/ the multicoat 4 so they are comparable to the Vari-XIII's the rifleman and vxI's dont have this I dont know if thats a big thing for u or not but if it was down to the vxI or the rifleman id go w/ the rifleman since it is considerably cheaper and since it is still a gold ring scope it has their excellent lifetime warranty. if it was me i would go w/ the vxII but if you need somethin a little cheaper go w/ the rifleman over the vxI just my .02


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    NO DON'T BY EITHER OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Multi coating makes all the difference in the world. I would get the VX2 . It is way ahead of the VX1 and the Rifleman isn't in the same ball park..Save your money and get the vx2...