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Have you been out scouting for the BIG HUNT this fall? How/where do you scout? How close to the hunt time do you scout?

I tend to go out the two weekends before the season to look for deer. In our high desert mountains the feed and water conditions can mean drastic changes from year to year in the deer populations and habits. We are currently in the 5th year of a drought that has things pretty tough on the deer and the hunters. Scouting is all important in these conditions. Fires have also changed the migration patterns of the Mule Deer.

Mule deer tend to move around quite a bit, making them a bit difficult to scout out on our vast public lands. They are a bit easier to predict if near cultivated areas, however.

Got any tips for the rest of us???
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Ive found that deer around here will usually keep doing the same thing until they are ran off. I've watched the same buck every night for well over a week feed in the exact same spot at the same time. As far as the elk are concerned they are a little less reliable but they will hit the same spot on a regular basis too usually every week or week and a half but if they are pressured all bets are off, they just leave the county then. I live on a pretty big chunk of land that borders BLM land and have spotted a huge 7X7 three times now, he is the biggest elk I have ever seen in person :shock: . He is about 4 miles from my house, its a pretty rough hike but would be worth it. If he gets any pressure from hunters he should just end up closer to my property, as they have probably never been hunted here. I hope to get a shot at that big boy, it would be a once in a lifetime bull, but I won't get my hopes up too much, I've been hunting elk too long and know better.
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My deer hunting area is a 10-hour drive from where I live, so I don't get there very often. On the plus side, it's in a very remote area in Northern Minnesota, and the deer movement is governed by geography and weather, so it hasn't changed since I started Hunting in '57.

I do get up there every year for a week in early October to do a little scouting around for the November deer season, and usually have to shoot a few of those savage, man-eating Ruffed Grouse in self-defense, as they tend to attack me when I'm poking about in the woods. We have to defend the cabin from crack-of-dawn attacks by Ringnecks and Mallards, as well.

The most terrible part of the whole ordeal, though, is tolerating the ungentlemanly behavior of my cousins, nephews, and son... they cheat at poker, and tell lies about the game they've taken.
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I'll be right up there as an army of one! :wink: I know what you mean about those marauding ruffies. :shock: I have the same problem when I go to my home in NW Montana. :wink:

I have one special area where ruffed, blue and spruce grouse have joined forces and jump me and my dogs savagely! :twisted: :twisted: :wink: Oh, the humanity... :!: :lol:
My main big game hunting is mostly Whitetail deer. I have hunted the same area for 7 years now and Iam always on the look out for nice bucks but I try and stay out of the "bedroom" areas. I have found nice bucks haunt the same area,openings,trails,etc. year after year . Its nice to feel like part of the woods and expect to see deer(from seeing deer in the same places) while Iam slipping around in the woods. Huntin the same spot really helps. I have been trying to lease 50 to 200 more acres to raise up some nice bucks in another area and give the farm I hunt a little rest once in a while.
gwp4ever I know of three years I went without taking an elk,You know too that some folks pay high dollars to hunt elk and never get a shot off.I know several folks from the south that came home empty handed, and were broke but with good memorys they can share with all.Elk hunting hunting is tough but the rewards are great.I hope you get that 7X7,that would be special,right down the path to your door.Drop-Shot
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