Shoot-N-C targets

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Maser, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Maser

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    hey i was lookin through some of my old guns n ammo magazines n i found a sample of the shoot-n-c targets (2 small targets n 1 medium) so anyways me n my gf tested em out 1st with just my pellet gun in my backyard n then we took the meduim sized one out to where everybody shoots out here n we stuck it to a wire fence n shot at it with 12 gauge slugs n i was so amazed at how easily the holes could be seen n im thinkin bout ordering a bunch more soon :)

    has anybody else had much experience with those at all?
  2. 1gsplover

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    :shock: I can't stand the cost for myself, but I do like the ones that are left at the range with only a hole or two in them. Agreed, very easy to see hits.
    ///olde cheap 8) pharte///

  3. wired

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    I love people that use just the big center target and leave the little 1" dots behind at the range. I stock up on those things, and use them all the time. If you've got a light-colored target, you can put the little black dot wherever you want something to aim at. It has made me shoot my pistols much better, as I have something small to aim at, instead of just trying to center it in the middle of a white outline of a person from 7 yards away.
    I don't buy them very often due to the price, but I love shooting at them.