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Anyone can participate and win a custom Shootingworld Beer Stein.
The Postal Match has been extended through May 28th. Not only do you win the Beer Stein, but I'm throwing in a $25 gift certificate at Bass Pro.

Download the target <a href="">here</a>

<u><b>For rules and info.</b></u>
OK, here is the Match and the rules, since I have elected myself the match master LOL

Rules summary: a .22LR, 50 YARD, Black Death Target Match, with rifle limitations. <font size=3>March 6th thru May 28th</font>

1. Target: Black Death Target. Look for Jay to provide the link.

2. The Rules of BD are ON the Target. Look at them carefully, and you will understand why it is called black death. A hole touching/cutting the balck voids that target and ALL holes in it.!!!!! OWW.
Some people shoot only the largest to play it safe!!

3. Official Start Date: MARCH 6th... meaning when you can turn in your dated targets.

4. Stop Date: March 28. No more targets accepted after Midnight the 28th.

5. If at all possible, please have a witness.

6. Please fill out all info on the target

7. CALIBER/AMMO : .22LR Only. Any Ammo Manufacturer.

8. RIFLE: any 22LR. Custom built Rifles OK, I.E. 10/22's with all the trimmings

8 (A) EXCEPT: No rifle that retails over $1,000


10. Judging. Judging by the rules printed on target. Judge can be myself and/or Jay or anyone assigned by Jay.. If that's OK by Jay.

To turn in your targets:

Scan or Photograph your target. Create a JPG file.

Unless otherwise instructed, email your your JPG file to:

[email protected] (high speed connection) LOL.
I will email them to Jay or ? , as required. "TBD".

They will be printed out.

Additional Clarifications to BDT rules: PLEASE READ

The 5 scoring shots can be fired one at each target, or all 5 at one target, or any desired combination...But only 5 shots total on the score target.

Shooter will lose his highest scoring shot for each extra shot found on his scoring target.

Each of five targets is marked with the value of each hit in the white area.

Center rings in each target are tie breaking "X" scores. In the case of "X" ties, the best "X" wins.

Maximum score is 50-5X, minimum score is 0-OX.

Target sizes are: 1 1/2 inches, 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 5/8 inch, and 1/2 inch.

please sign in letting us all know who will partcipate.
THANKS and Lets Have some FUN
Jay Gentry

Example Targets:

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Winner gets this custom Beer Stein

Here's the Beer Stein you'll be shooting for....
click the link.
<a href="">here</a>


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Well I guess we'll have to wait for a few more members to kick this think off again. I think it's only fitting that Timbertoes get the Stein. Timber, PM me your mailing address and I'll send it off.
Jay Gentry
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