sidelocks vs inline

Discussion in 'Black Powder' started by cord14, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. cord14

    cord14 Guest

    :twisted: any one out there like the old guns or do you like the new inlines more as for me the old guns give me a better hunt after 20+ years of it using everything from bow to 300 mag
  2. Dirigo

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    ive never used a muzzleloader, but if i did, it would be a sidelock. the inlines seem like they would take most of the fun out of muzzle loading.

  3. uglydog

    uglydog Super Member

    I prefer the traditional style BP guns for the special blackpowder seasons but the inlines are fine during the regular season. For me it is aesthetic reasons that I prefer sidelocks as that is the lore I grew up with.
  4. 8pointduck

    8pointduck Super Member

    Well i quess I'll defend us guys who use inlines. I got me a 150x50 stainless Encore and will never go back to sidelocks. too messy, hard to clean
  5. Maser

    Maser Super Member

    i think it would be so cool to hunt big game with a sidelock flintlock cuz that be so old school type of hunting n it would feel like pioneer days probly
  6. kodiakemt

    kodiakemt Guest

    I have one of each. Both are good shooters.
  7. MacD37

    MacD37 Well-Known Member

    I have nothing against the in-lines, but I simply don't see the sense in them! They are simply an inferior modern, usually scoped single shot rifle! I understand that most started useing them simply to get another hunting season, and not because of any history nostalgia!

    To me the interest in muzzleloaders is re-liveing an old mountain man time in our history, with all the draw-backs that come with the origenal mountain man's lifestyle, and I think the season should be a primative weapons season, not strictly because the firearm is loaded from the front!

    I have four Muzzle loaders, three cap locks, and one filntlock
    Penn long rifle! All are replicas of historical rifles used a hundred and fifty years or more ago! I don't think a person hunting with powder pellets, sabot expanding modern slugs, and sporting a 3-9x40 scope is under any kind of handicap in the woods. As I said I have no problem with anyone useing what ever is legal for his hunting, but I simply do not see the point, where in-lines are concerned, other than as a loop-hole to use a percieved handicap, to get an extra season, with a rifle that will equal just about any woods rifle, which must be used in the regular season.

    If In-lines float your canoe, then pull your paddle, but I think you are cheating yourself out of a rather fine tredition. inlines do absolutely nothing for me! :?: :?: :?: :?:
  8. Zerbe

    Zerbe Super Member

    I have both a TC Renegade flintlock and a modern TC Omega inline complete with 4x scope.

    The inline, I won at a "gun bash" and used for one of PA's early frontloader seasons that allows it. I agree that it really is just a single shot modern rifle that takes just a bit longer to get a second shot off than say a Ruger #1 would.

    I really prefer to use the flintlock with goex FFFG powder and a patched round ball. I have taken deer with it out to about 80yds. For the longer shots (more than about 30-40yds), I use a steady rest and the set trigger.

    There is just something about that click-fzzz-kaboom that you can't come close to with the inline. Of course you also have the occasional click-"oh crap" gun didn't fire..... or the slightly damp flash pan click-fzzsizzle-sizzle---kaboom to really test your nerves!
  9. JPShelton

    JPShelton Well-Known Member

    I shoot a 1:66 twist .50 Lyman Great Plains Rifle, using "holy black" and patched roundballs, so count me as "old school" when it comes to muzzleloaders.

    I do also carry an 1860 Army percussion revolver, so I reckon I'm in to "inline ignition," too.