Sierra Match Bullets on Game

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by Jumpshooter, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Jumpshooter

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    I have been playing with a number of different loads in my 7mm mag over the past few years. I found one that is a real tack driver. It is with the 168 gr Sierra Match bullet. I use this rifle for all my big game hunting and was wondering how this bullet would do on Elk and Caribou sized game.
  2. mountainview

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    Check the Sierra website or call them to verify but I believe the MatchKing is not reommended as a hunting bullet due to its construction. If I am not mistaken, the Matchking is basically the same as a hollow point and would not hold up enough to give satisfactory penetration or a humane kill. Sierra makes some other good bullets for hunting. For elk, you'd definitely want a controlled expansion bullet like the Nosler Partition or similar construction.

  3. Drop-Shot

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    Right on Mountainview,the gameking is sierra's hunting bullet,I have some but have not used any yet.On the benchrest shooters loading bench you will find matchking bullets along with others of the same design.Drop-Shot
  4. Reid

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    Match bullets will not give very good penetration on game. Save them for paper.
  5. tony kosinski

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    the only match bullet i use for hunting is in the .243. on coyotes they go in and explode and don't exit .leaving only one hole to fix.. but for large game like elk all you would do it wound the animal and make him suffer his ribs are tough and shoulder is tougher. the light copper guilding would come apart and so would the soft lead shot one kill use the best bullet for the job and keep working on loads for the 7mm ..tony