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Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by Anonymous, Dec 7, 2004.

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    I recently bought my son a rifle (Remington .223 VS). It's meant to have a scope fitted to it, therefore it has no sights. But, for some reason my son doesn't like scopes :?: . Can he still shoot accurately just by looking down the barrel?
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    With no elevation or windage corrections? Then there's the matter of barrel contour (bigger around at the reciever end then end of the barrel. If he's only shooting 50 feet he could be accurate with practice.

    If the gun hasn't been fired , see if the shop will exchange it.

    To attempt to hunt with a rifle under those circumstances would be irresponsible to the game.

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    You'll most likely take a beating in the wallet if you try to return/exchange it for a different rifle; it's worth a try, though.

    Another option is a red-dot sight; they mount on a Weaver-style base, and since they have no magnification, it's similar to shooting with open sights. And, when he gets to be 45 years old and needs bifocals, he can put a scope on it like the rest of us old guys.
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    A Guy,

    Shooting a rifle accurately with no scope or sights is only done in Hollywood on television programs and movies.

    Is there some reason that your lad dislikes scopes? I would guess that he had a bad experience (e.g. hit in the eye with a harder recoiling rifle) which would naturally make a younger shooter shy away from anything remotely similar. If you have not done so, see if you can talk to him and find out specific reasons why he does not want to use a scope and that would suggest some likely solutions. (I have a 13 year old and know what it is like getting them to discuss anything with their parents ....)

    Getting rid of the rifle will likely result in a financial loss. I'd suggest keeping it and mounting a scope for your use and in all likelihood your son when he gets a bit older. If he is adamant about staying with open sights, it is a good excuse to look at some new firearms (not that I need any excuse for this :wink: ).

    Safe shooting.