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I have a Chinese mad Norinco SKSS bought to me by a customer to install a scope mount (which he had already purchased). The mount is made by B-Square and the info on the box states that it is made for an SKS. It does not appear to me that this mount is compatible to tis gun. The rear of the mount has two locking studs that fit into the receiver take down lever hole but also has another pin in front of that designed to fit through another hole in the receiver forward of the take down lever hole. The SKSS only has the hole for the take down lever and nothing forward of it. There is also a stud to the left front of the mount but nowhere in the receiver for this to fit. What are the differences in the SKSS and SKS? Do I need a different mount to make work on this gun?



I think the SKSS are the ones that come from the factory with the mount you mention. They were a quote unqoute sniper version but nothing more that the rfecever having a drilled hole forward of the takedown pin hole on the left side of the receiver.


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