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something different

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I was wanting to get some opinions on an idea I had. I'll be taking some friends hunting next week, who have never REALLY been hunting before. I'm taking them to an area that I'm fairly familiar with, and they've never been there. Basically, I'm acting as a guide. Squirrels and rabbits are the main fare in our sights.

Now to the fun part. One of them will be taking a .22LR rifle for some serious hunting (Vagabond here on the site), and the other has no interest in firearms at all, and is just along for the ride. Long story on her :wink: . I'm considering just carrying my GP-100 loaded with .38Spl so I've got my hands free for binoculars, navigational work, and other such stuff. I've seen some people hunt rabbits with CF handguns before (up to .45ACP), and I know I can hit a rabbit-sized target from at least 25 yards with that sidearm (especially if I drop to a knee). How much damage would a .38Spl do to a bunny, if I just happened to see one hop out in the middle of a trail within range? Mostly I'm just wanting to try something a little different. Thoughts?
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Shot a bunny through the back of the head once: .357 hole in front, .357 hole in back, Wadcutter .38 spl. target load.
Good luck.
///olde 8) pharte///
Like he said. Bunnies ain't that tough. Two holes will probably be what ya have. Good luck!

That's good to hear, and pretty much what I expected (more or less). I've grown rather fond of that sixgun, and I'd really like to get some use out of it other than range duty and "insurance policy" duty. I'm probably going to try it next week anyway. That's the only way to know for sure, right? If I bag a bunny, I'll post some results for everybody.
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