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My son took his first hog this past week. This is the first animal that he has taken and it is the first animal taken with his new rifle. I am very peased with the newest gun in our collection and will buy another one of these Weaterby Vanguards again.
My son took the hog on Tuesday evening just before all shooting light faded. We had about 20 pigs come into the feeder and he got very excited. I calmed him down as much as I could and told him to pick a big one out and put it down. He had an 80+ yard shot to make and I was confident in him and the rifle. I was watching through the binoculars as he shot and it was on the mark. He shot the hog high, crushing the spine and putting it down right where it stood. I can't tell you in words about his reaction or the big smile on his face but I will never forget it nor will he. We waited about 10 minutes before we walked to it and I still made sure it was down before he got to close to it. He was so excited and pleased with hisself. I can tell you I was one proud dad too. I think he is hooked now and I look forward to many more hunting seasons with my favorite hunting partner.

Rifle, Weatherby Vanguard in 270 Win.
Scope, Simmons outfitter 3.5-10X40
Ammo, Remington Core Lokt 130 gr.

This proved to be a deadly combination.

I got a deer Monday morning but it was not nearly as exciting or satisfying as that hog.
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