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Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by IRISH9, Dec 6, 2005.

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    Just got myself this Spanish 1940's model 98 Mauser in 8x57mmJS


    It shoots very well from the few shots I've fired out of it so far. My question is while the fired mil-surp (1952 corrosive Turkish) looks fine, the Winchester soft tips out of the three I've fired the primers have backed out a little bit on two of them. the Winchesters are a little shorter than the Turkish ammo and seem to have a much softer primer, they are the same length up to the top of the shoulder it's just the neck is longer.

    Any ideas why the primers back out? the ammo is very accurate going by the small sample I've fired. I know the Win ammo is loaded to very low pressure (that Turkish stuff is not :lol: ), I've got some Highland 196 grain soft points on order so it will be interesting to see how that goes.
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    Slightly unrelated, but I wanted to warn you to be careful with Turkish or Czech surplus ammo. Sometimes a case will have a hairline crack in the base and will blast you in the face with hot powder. Not really dangerous but mighty unpleasant.

    You may want to email winchester and ask them for information.
    That's a nice looking mauser. :)

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    Thanks for the warning Fuelburns :) , I've only had a .22LR vent gas back and that was bad, at least the Mauser vents most gas down into the mag.

    I will send Win. an email, I'd say it's just minor headspace sloppyness (is that a word? ). It's shooting very well :D .
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    This is an indication of excessive headspace. :shock: The higher pressure loads are probably stretching a bunch, while the lower pressure loads aren't...just pushing the primer back out of the pocket a bit, until it hits the bolt face. A little of this, very little, is acceptable.

    Those cracks at the base indicate headspace problems, also. :idea:

    Have the headspace checked before you shoot the rifle again. :idea: