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    I have acquired a Model 1903 Springfield Rifle. The serial number on the reciever is 849,XXX, this is just above brittle reciever cutoff number but below the # that were nickel treated. As I have researchered these recievers were double heat treated. Will that allow them to withstand modern smokeless powder loads? Any thoughts on how one would start a rebuild project with one of these? I was hoping to turn it into a shooter, some thought about competeing with it. Any thoughts and opinions on this? A friend (no longer close) has suggested its a wall hanger only. To me this is sad!

    Thanks again
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    You don't indicate where you are located.

    However, the best method to find out if your 1903 is safe with modern ammunition is to check with a competent gunsmith.

    There was a great article recently in either the American Rifleman or Guns & Ammo magazine with all of the particulars with serial numbers listed.

    You might check with your local library and see if they have back issues.

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