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For those of you who haven't been to this place, you really need to go. My friend and I went up last weekend for Eagle Days, and it was just amazing....frosted butt cold, but amazing.

Snow geese and ducks as far as the eye can see...literally tens of thousands of them...not to mention the eagles.

Of course when you're tryting to take pictures, wildlife never seem to want to cooperate. Thus the lovely pics of duck tails and muskrat rear that I now have on my camera.

They estimated this year that they've had close to 150 bald eagles that have roosted in the area, which was down a bit from previous years. Still fairly good though with the weather considered. If the lake hadn't been frozen there would have been alot more. Absolutely stunning animals. It's pretty awe inspiring to have something with a 7 foot wingspan wing by within just a few feet of your head.
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