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As small game season approaches, I find myself craving a good pot of squirrel stew like grand-dad used to brew up... Unfortunately, the old codger passed on without leaving me a recipe for it :(

So who's got the award-winning recipe for some good old-fashioned bushytail stew?

Reminds me of a blue grass song
"here come Sally with a snicker and a grin,
groundhog gravy all over her chin.
Po groundhog!
I put them in the crockpot with alphabet soup starter that comes in a pringles type can at the local giant eagle/kroger/piggly-wiggly depending on your locale.
Put it on medium with lots of water, and go to work.
It will greet you as you open the front door.

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herer is my own home brewed stew,

3 squirrels - boiled then pick meat off & chop up

1 can tomatoe soup

1 can corn

3 potatoes- chopped up into small pieces

1 small sweet onion- chopped up

2 carrots- chopped up

2 cups water

add all ingrediants into big pot and bring to a slow rolling boil.
cook uncovered until liquid boils down to stew consistency.
i like my stew kinda thick. enjoy!
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