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    Drop-Shot .

    I have one. See this sight:

    Bought it early last spring. Came with two IC chokes. Wrote a note to Savage asking for an insert in Full choke and offered to trade one of the IC's for it. 10 days later a FC arrived - no charge!

    Checkering is a little sloppy but sharp and the lines are within the scribed boundaries. Points great ( I'm 6'4" w/ 35" sleeve). Bought a turkey choke for it over the summer. Used it last fall to capture a hen.

    It is a little heavy - great at shooting trap! Handles as many 3" shells as I'll ever want to put through it. The trigger guard raps the hand severely when shooting high velocity duck and turkey loads.

    Patterns everything I've put into it, so far. May use it for rabbits this Sunday ( or better yet, the Mossberg 500 20 gauge). I like it but would NOT walk all day with it - it is heavy . It is balanced to the center, in other words, it is not butt or muzzle heavy.

    I'd buy another one and be glad to have it - but its not my only shotgun, capiche?

    I had loan of a 20 gauge Browning Superposed at one time. This Stevens is no Browning, but if the 411 drops out of the canoe I'll be down more $$ than I like but not more $$ than I can live with.

    Best Wishes, Harold
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    Harald50 I like them,I have a Bakial 12 guage and a 20 guage thats nickel finish reciever.The wood and fit is great,so I know folks that can't afford 1500.00 for a double barrell will like them.The first Bikails were blocky and the fit wasn't all that good but they have it down now,both mt Bakails are nice and all I shot was the 12 guage,I bought it before I had an accident that broke my back.It shot well and good regulation.I may get the 411 but I already have 2 Bakails so mabe not,not sure,I saw one at a distance and 50 other folks were checking them out.They brought 20 to the puallup gun show and sold out the first day by noon.I went back at 1 and they said we are taking orders,I said I'll wait.I bet they go down in history as good guns.Drop-Shot