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Striker Review

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Ok this is technically a handgun, but putting this thing in the same class as a Glock is absurd. It functions as a rifle so I will review it here.

The Striker is the Savage bolt action Hunting Handgun. The one I will review here is the Model 516FSAK. It features a black composite grip, stainless barrel and action, an adjustable muzzle break, and a three shot internal magazine. Mine is chambered in .308 Win, but it also comes in 243 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., 270 WSM., 7mm WSM., 300 WSM. It has a barrel length of 14" and an overall of about 20".

I went to my local Savage dealer looking for a new .308 rifle. I wanted something special so the package guns on the rack were not going to cut it. I was originally thinking something from the Weather Warrior Series. Since they had none in stock I was handed the Savage Catalog. First thing I see is the Striker. It is a cut down Weather Warrior with a grip where the stock should be and the bolt reversed! I placed my order and 10 days and $480 latter I got a call. Now since it is a handgun I had to go inspect it, fill out the paperwork and wait 3 days. Liked I'd by a 5.5lb handgun in a fit of rage or something.
On to the gun. This is a really thought out weapon. The reversed (left-hand) bolt system keeps your right (trigger) hand on the grip and in control of the weapon at all time. The adjustable muzzle break is an open or close deal. The gun came with a factory mounted silver weaver style rail. I added my NcStar 2-9X30 EER scope and I was ready to shoot. I bought some surplus .308 ammo just to get it on the paper (no sense wasting good lead) and off to the range I went. The gun is heavy! At 5.5lbs it is almost as heavy as the Savage hunter rifles! From the rest this gun shot wonderful. 0.75" in a three shot group at 100 yards. Free hand was out to 2.5", so the gun shoots even if I can't. So I decided to by a mono pod for hunting. The safety was a bit stiff and hard to slide at first, but it did loosen up a bit. I tried several brands of ammo and decided to use Federal soft points for my whitetail hunting. The major benefit to me was that the state of WI classifies this weapon as a handgun, this means I can use it in no rifle zones as well as rifle zones. I took a deer with this little Striker at 150 yards. One shot, sitting in my chair, rested on my mono pod.
My over all assessment is this is a heck of a hunting gun. Great chamber choices, great features and when tucked under a standard issue ALICE belt, very easy to carry. If your a rifleman looking to get into handgun hunting, check out the striker
Savage Striker
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Just a word of warning about Strikers, particularly when equipped with a brake. I lost 25% of the hearing in my left ear when the bloke on the next bench over shot his Striker w/brake. Note, I was wearing both muffs and plugs so it could have been a lot worse. Not trying to downgrade your Striker but bear the following in mind:
a) the barrel far shorter so the muzzle will be much closer to the ear of the next guy over at the range, the brake ensures that high levels of impulse energy (shock wave) are directed his/her way and it will damage their ears just as easily as a sound wave.
b) highly recommend that you be a considerate shooter and only discharge the Striker when there is a fair bit of space between you and the next shooter.

I love to shoot but I also like to hear and I think it is imperative on all shooters to bear not only their safety and comfort but that of other fellow shooter. Sorry if I sound like a crusader but once your hearing is gone, it is like a bullet going down the barrel, it is gone for good. Nothing irritates me more than to read forums posted (not here) about the grossly inconsiderate shooters who think it is humorous to watch the benches next to them clear when they shoot a brake equipped firearm. Not only do I find that to be a good indicator of someone I would not want to go afield with, it is also a good way to turn off new and beginning shooters who represent the future of the sport.
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Thanks for the warning guest,that makes 2 warnings in the last month,The gun is awesome but how bad is the recoil without the brake?Drop-Shot

Thanks for the post on the Striker. I'm a lefty, I like the way the striker looks, and really want to put my hands on one. I own a few savage 110s in lefty mode, and love them. By your remarks, it appears as though you need to primarly use the right hand for firing the trigger? I'll have to go find one to handle, and if it works, then 7mm-08 here we go. I hear that's a great whitetail cartridge.
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