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stripper clip

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call me stupid, but how does a stripper clip work, i have never figured it out
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OK stupid (you asked to be called that)...just joking

Its about like our First amendment freedom of speach vs. Courts saying something is will know it when you see will figure out how to load it when you have one.

With a stripper clip, you load the rounds into the 'clip' & load the magazine from the top by pushing the rounds down into the magazine.
is 6.95 for 20 a good deal? and where can i find a stripper clip guide, ive called around and the people i talk to do not carry them
What do you mean by stripper clip guide? There are two things that can be interpreted as stripper clip guides. One is a device that slides over the top of a magazine and allows the rounds of ammunition to be inserted from the stipper clip into the magazine with one push instead of each individual round being loaded one at a time. The other form of stripper clip guide is machined directly into the top of a firearm's receiver and allows the rounds of ammunition to be forced into the firearm's fixed, or non-removeable, magazine, such as what is found on old military mausers. you will also find this on the top of the bolt on simonov type carbines, like the m59, type 56, SKS, etc.
id put the cash tward stripper clips twards extra mags. you still have to load the stripper clips and then insert them into the mag, why dont ya just save the time and money and just load the mags?

I dont like em, but thats just me.

good luck,
If your talking about loading a AR-15 or a AK-47...go with a LULA Magazine Loader and Unloader. I've used one before and they are really sweat, alittle bit more than the price of 20 stripper clips though...but I bet they would last longer. They also help unloading mags if you need too.

Here's the link for the AR version -

Here's the link for the AK version -
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