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What a nice,nice day it is!!!

Would be GREAT to take the 9422 lever gun out squill hunting. esp if I wear my cowboy hat. :D Just an hours drive in the nice sunshine.

but my yard is a MESS of 2' weeds and all that. it's got to get done!!

and the other problem.....I hate cleaning/skinning!!! let the truth be told!!! I love the hunt, the sneaking up, the sitting quiet and the eventual sniping action!!! and the squill are there. But i cant and wont be a immoral hunter and not clean 'em to eat. and its illegal to waste game too. even if not caught you know you broke the game laws.

DANG IT. I need some LAND to go plinking ON!!!! WAAAAHHHH.

I feel a tiny bit better now!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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