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Discussion in 'Rifle ID & Value' started by Anonymous, Jul 12, 2004.

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    Marland, I need some help. I haven't paid much atention to what prices the the Swedish mauser's are going for and I have a guy that wants to buy mine. It is as new, maybe never shot 1942 Husqvarna 6.5x55. Not even a mark in the stock. I bought lots of them years ago when I was making my 7x250 wild cat sporters and didn't have the heart to cut this one up as it is so nice. I don't want to try and rip him off, just get a fair price for it. Hope you can help this old bird out!! Thanks, Dave
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    Sorry I missed your question before, we don't get much traffic here and sometimes I forget to look which wouldn't be a problem if others were browsing too.

    but anyway, I've been seing them for sale in the $525 -$550 range pretty consistantly , anywhere in age from 1901 - 1940's doesn't seem to matter too much, naturally , with these guns for sale at the prices above would probably actually make them "worth" $450 or so, from the way yours sounds, it would be my best guess that for an individual to sell it the firm price should be $500 but ask what the stores are.

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    Thanks a hole bunch Marland. I wish I had bought more but it's always easy to say that when you don't know what the future will bring. Thanks again. Dave
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    i have a cech mauser 1943 8mm with all matching # bayonet frog sling and cleaning pouch in good shape what is it worth????