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Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by sappyg, Jul 20, 2004.

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    This weekend I had the good fortune to take a friend shooting. The best part was that he maybe shot a .22 25 years ago and has never really been exposed to firearms. Better still ....he liked it. We may just have a convert on our hands. Wish we could get more on our side.
    We started with the 243 and then moved to the 270 and all the way up to the 45-70 (very light loads). While the barrels were cooling I kept him busy with the M1 carbine which has a grin factor of about 10 judging by the look on my friends face.
    Nothing with a lot of recoil to put him off and enough selection to keep him from getting bord waiting to shoot.
    As we were leaving the range I heard those magic words " I think I need a gun". He's hooked!
    When is the last time you took a friend shooting :?:
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    ive taken several people shooting. i organize a monthly range meet for another online forum, and several people who havent shot before have had their chance to see what its like to shoot. everybody seems to like it 8)