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The shot I shouldn't have taken. Lesson learned.

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Hey ya’ll,

Well, Wed. night I went out to hunt and heard a couple bucks fighting. I put the stock on and I ended up hunting some guy standing on top of a null rattling antlers. So I sat right there till just before dark and then made my way back to the truck. As I was walking up the road I caught a glimpse of a buck walking right out in front of me onto the road about 50 or 60 yards. I did not have my binos with me so I lifted the rifle and looked at it through my scope. It looked like a nice size doe but stood and moved like a small buck. I had the cross hairs right behind her shoulder. I squeezed off the shot off hand.

She did not flinch or jump at all! Then she took off waving her tail at me. I could not believe I missed that shot so I looked around for a spell. By that time is was too dark to see anything and if I did not get a clean shot then I wanted her to bed down some where without me spooking her too far away. I went home.

At first light Thanksgiving morning, I was back out there and searched/hunted all the areas in the general vicinity and at 9:30am I found her. I double checked to make sure it was mine and I hit one shot right behind the left shoulder and the bullet went clean through the right shoulder and took out a lung. That is why there was no blood trail at all. Hell there wasn’t even any blood on her other than at the immediate wound.

Well, she turned out to be a he! It was definitely too late to take that shot the night before because I saw no antlers at all. If I would have seen this buck in good light, I would not have taken him. I wanted to get a doe if I did not see a good buck. Well over all, I am glad I did take this buck because he is scrawny and has some what of an over bite. Probably why he is not very filled out or have a better rack. So I am glad I took him out of the gene pool. He also has two broken points on the right side.

He’s hanging in the garage now and will butcher him up Tuesday.


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Love the Savage 99!!
Congratulations....he looks like some people I know!

You don't want them in the gene pool!! :roll:
Good shot lever,meat in the freezer!Drop-Shot
Yea Lever good shot.Sometimes you got to cull the lesser ones.I would have probably done the same thing.
Congraulations! You got lucky.

Similiar thing happened to my youngest son three weeks go. Bow shot near dark. Couldn't find her. Looked the next morning. Coyotes hadn't left much.
Well to be honest with ya'll, if the coyotes and such would have gotten it, then I could have been out hunting these last few days! :D I can't go out again until Dec 2nd for Spike Elk with my M/L.
Well just think, you got something to look forward to :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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