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Things people shouldn't shoot and kill IMO

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Elephants, gorilla, orangatang, chimps, dolphins, whales...........

There aren't that many highly intellegent animals aside from us. Leave em alone! I personally think there is more than mere instinct that drives those animals. They have complex social structures, some use tools, all have thier own unique language and regional dialects, some speak sign language (the ones that don't I am sure, could if they had opposable thumbs and digits). They exhibit emotions, complex puzzle solving skills.

Don't get me wrong I like shooting, killing, and eating things. But for me the thought of eating one of those would be canabalism. That's not to say I wouldn't try some of it if it just so happened to be put in front of me. I just won't go out and shoot one of em.

Besides, there are plenty of other things to shoot out there that are BIG and DANGEROUS. Like the cape buffalo in luvsafari's link, hippopotomus (#1 animal in africa that kills humans, I might be wrong, but I know it's top 10), Baboons (I was attacked by a baboon in Japan), Hyena, Lions, Zebra, Antelope, Ibix, Crocodile, Rhino, Manatees...etc.

oh off topic but if you want to see something really neat, look up "Karate Chimp" on google.

So...... that's my two cents, I hope it gives some big game hunters a moment of pause to reflect.

Chant this three times when you have an one of the afor mentioned species in your crosshairs.
"Babar, Dumbo, Koko, Karate Chimp, Flipper, that orangatang in the Clint Eastwood Movie, and Shamooooooooooooo" Breath in deeply and exhale :D
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Why don't you go and spread your hippy, environmentalist Kalifornia bullshit somewhere else.
Dang cook, I was starting to like you and then I found this post. Just fine to have that opine, but might oughta think twice before saying don't kill animals on a SHOOTING site, that involves HUNTING. :shock:

Pull up there a bit, Hoss.


As usual your views are colorful.While there are things that I probably won't kill and eat there are folks in this world that will. Whether its cultural or just hunger,well, that's life and/or death, depending on the end you look at it from.

Right or wrong, you could possibly tone down just a bit.

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:D GREAT APPOLOGIES the person that spawned this small rant was uglydog not lovsafari. I'm not saying don't hunt just not those. And honestly it's just a small pet issue that holds small weight with me. Just figuered I'd throw it out there and hope it makes a difference.

Hunt and be merry :D
The_Cook said:
But for me the thought of eating one of those would be canabalism.
Find a dictionary, use it.
I have gotten spoiled by spellcheck
Actually I believe Cook started it on another thread when he asked why one would need/use certain styles of bullets and their use was unnecessary. I replied that steel/tungsten core bullets were used in some instances for dangerous game such as elephants and he went off on his diatribe against elephant hunting. It is fine to choose not to partake in shooting an animal but I would not go so far as sermonizing on the "evils" of doing so, especially when said hunting is pretty much the saving grace for some animals. After all, if you can't show an immediate and great economic reason for having a large, potentially dangerous animal around, that animal is quickly and ruthlessly removed by the locals. I now end my preaching.
dictionary not spell checker:

Main Entry: can·ni·bal·ism
Pronunciation: 'ka-n&-b&-"li-z&m
Function: noun
1 : the usually ritualistic eating of human flesh by a human being
2 : the eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of the same kind
Cook...get an education, then speak with some credibility regarding elephant hunting. :wink:

The fact is that elephant populations are exploding. The big problem with this is that there are no longer the vast migration routes for them to follow...after food and water. As they are now relatively confined by human encroachment, they need to be culled to preserve their habitat, thus preserve the elephant, itself. Babar and Dumbo are browsers as well as grazers. They love acatia trees and browse the readily available limbs. As growing populations put pressure on feed, the elephants push over and kill the trees to reach the uppermost browse. Now they have killed the very thing that sustains them...and most other wildlife in some way or another. These trees take decades to grow back. You add it up. :idea:

As much as I love elephants, and I do, they need to be hunted for their own good. It has come to light that when culling, we need to kill all the family group, young and old. It is difficult to witness or contemplate, but it is a fact. They have such a high social order that they go nuts when it is disrupted; all the family must go.

If you want to go on a rant, rant about the "natives" breeding like bunnies on Viagra. :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: They are the ones who cause the culling, as they encroach into newely cleared cropland, destroying habitat. As a matter of FACT, hunting fees for elephant (and other) hunting goes back into habitat rehabilitation and preservation to great measure. A few die, so many others, and not just Babar, can have somewhere to roam. :shock:

By the way, baboons and lions have strong social orders, and baboons are about as smart as many politicians, maybe smarter...
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you speak slighting of baboons, they are much more intelligent than politicians. The closest to a politician (of any country) in the simians I can think of are the lemurs of Madagascar and that is only because they fight by throwing their feces at each other. I feel well qualified to make this comparison as my father spent a career in the State Department and I met a lot of them- politicians that is, not monkeys or apes.
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