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As I sit here the time is 22:42 CST 12/31/05.

Many thoughts are runninmg through my mind right now. First off I'm still waiting for the blood to run in the streets as the Sarah Brady freaks so boldly proclaimed. Several new calibers were introduced, The WSSM Winchester comes to mind. I wish them well but I personaly think it will go the way of the double break shotguin. Demoted to novelty status. The simple fact is the .223 remington is popular because it is cheap and commonly avialible. the new .223 WSSM may or may not have better balistics. But the simple fact that all currently existing rifles platforms of this class are .223 Remington, well let's just say I'm not holding my breath of them. The US ARmed orces are spending yet other year in the middle east. The coming year will mark 5 years that we have been over there. Bin Laden is still on the loose. Saddam was captured. fuel prices climbed even more this last year. The govt. continues it's corruption which started with the Patriot Act.
The time now is 22:54 CST 12/31/05 Sarah if your reading this you have exactly 1 hour, and 6 minutes to make right for the new year. You can start by shoing me where the blood runs in the streets. 5 years have gone by sionce the Y2K scares yet the world goes on. This coming March will mark 9 years since the Heaven's gate cult commited suicide. Yet the world still turns. The earth creeps ever closer to the year "2012" proclaimed by some to be the last yeat of the world.
The time is now23:02 CST 12/31/05 I look to the new years which shall come in 58 minute with an attitude of same old same old. Although much has transpired in the last year. Some good, some bad. The world still turns, the sun still shines and the wind still blows. Although I look forward to the last of days and the glory which shall come I am secure in The Lord. When I turn in for tonight night I shall have no worries over the new year.

Time is now 23:07 CST 12/31/05

See you all next year
AS always,
Sho†gun Minis†er
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