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Tikka overrated?

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Ive heard everyone rave about the tikka's and I finally got a chance to look at one the other day in my quest for a new rifle the action was silky smooth and the lock up was the nicest of any rifle ive ever laid hands on but then i looked at the rifle and the barreled action didnt seem to have a real good fit into the stock and the wood and the finish on the wood was def. not what i expected on a 1k$ rifle the 630$ 700CDL I ended up w/ had way nicer wood and fit and finish and it was just as smooth but i will admit the lock up of the tikka was a little nicer but i dont think it is worth the extra 370$ I know a rifle is for shooting and not to look at but for 1k$ I expect more especially in the fit and finish department and no i didnt look at just one example they had 7 on the rack and i handled them all and found the same things w/ all of them. I was just wondering if anyone else thought these rifles were overrated

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Which Tikka were you looking at?

The T3's around here can be had for around $500.

I agree the t3 does appear to be a little less polished so to speak on the outside.

They can shoot though.

I figure they are a reasonable blue collar shooter from a price standpoint that I wouldn't feel bad if it got a scratch or two on it in the woods.
I have the 595 Whitetail Hunter, Blue/Synthetic in 243 Win.
I paid $459.00 a couple of years ago and it included the Tikka ringmount. I mounted a Nikon scope and away we went. Never looked back. 8)
I hava handled the newer T-3 and I would probably look for a used Whitetail again. I like the palm swells and heft of the gun.
If I hadn't bought 2 new 391's I could have bought a new rifle/scope plus 1 391 :roll: :wink:

I've looked at the Tikka and it seems all right though the fit was not as comfortable for me personally (hard to make a one size stock that fits everyone). The synthetic stock model seemed to go between 400-500 around here as I recollect depending on whether it was on sale or not. Not sure what the other versions are going for.

I agree with you that laying out 1K for a new rifle would be cause to cast a discriminating eye and make sure that you are happy with what you are getting.

The CDL looks pretty nice and my experience with Remington has generally been very good so I think that you'll enjoy the new firearm if your experience with the 700 has been like mine.
The T3 is a very nice gun. They (Sako) can keep the price of this gun down because of the style limitation, you can only get it in 2 variations that I know of and they don't have a left handed model yet. The barrels are still Sako, and the quality is supperb.
i'm a little confused here. i have heard the tika's are import by the same co. that owns sako, and they are mfr. in the same area as sako, but i've been told more than once that tika is tika and sako is sako and they do not share parts (barrels ect.) has that changed, can anyone realy confirm that? thanks, i'm not trying to bust anyone's chops here i'm just trying to keep my facts straight as they tend to change over time.
I was told that they had Sako barrels that they make for Tikka.Thye parts do not interchange.
hey 8pointduck,have you ever tried to repair a hair line crack in a rifle stock?I know of a winchester 70 pre-64 but it's in 264 win mag,not a popular caliber but at one time this guy hunted all over the place with it.The blue is fair.I was thinking about a new stock but this guy finaly gave me a price and it's too much.He wants 600.00 and proudly shows all the crack.In your experience can it be fixed?Drop-Shot
Trying to fix something like that is going to knock the value down a bit.I wouldn't say 600 is too high for a pre-64 in great shape. I'd try to talk him down because of the crackand if you do I wouldn't try it alone ,get someone qualified to do it. A pre- 64 in any caliber is hard to find,.

Oh yea, a .264 isn't at all a bad caliber.I have a friend who has several and likes them a lot
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