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Tikka T-3

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What is the velocity difference between the 300 win mag,and the 300 wsm.I am looking at a stainless on laminated stock Tikka and choices are 300 win mag on a black synthetic stock and a 300 wsm stainless on a laminated stock.Both weigh about the same,and I don't have manuals that list the 300 wsm,again,what is the velocity difference?And which would you choose?Drop-Shot
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I went out and spent 25.00 bucks on a nosler(one of my favorite bullet maker,makes accubond) reloading book and the wsm offers not much and in some bullet sizes less than the 300 win mag.I already owned and sold a 300 win mag so I was looking for some thing different,but I think I would rather have a 338 over the 300 win mag.What do you guys think?Drop-Shot
D S, are we talking about an elk gun ?Then yes I would go with the 338. I would choose the 300 only because I could still use it here in Ga.. A338 would be over kill.
8point there is a gunshow this weekend and I want to look for a 338 win mag,the 338ultra mag in remington is available but why do I need more than 338 win mag?I don't see a need for that much power,it's close to the 340 weatherby mag and thats too much.338 win mag will be just fine.The gun store I go to will have to order a 338 so I will see what the gun show has to offer.Another choice is to buy the 30/06 and take my ruger and rebarrell it to 35 whelen,I know the 338 wi mag is more powerfull but I've seen a 200 yard+ shot with a 35 whelen and the damage was staggering.The elk died on the spot.He was only a spike young bull,but that was all he could take that year.I'll let you know what I see at the gun show.Drop-Shot
The 338 is a good all around cartridge. It should really shine on elk and moose. I'd be a little leary of the Ultra Mag. The recoil from it will be brutal. It'll get the job done,but at what price? I've shot a few 338's and while the recoil was a bit stout,it was managable. I personally am gonna buy another 300 win mag. It'll do all I need and probably more. Hope find what you're looking for.
I agree and thanks for the reply hwd,I still may end up with a 300 win mag and rebarrel the 30/06 to 35 whelen,but I really would prefere a 338 win mag.Drop-Shot
Sorry huntswithdogs I hadn't logged in,I have to quit that.Drop-Shot
HWD I went to a gun show a few years back and I saw a young man trade a ruger 77 in 338 win mag for a savage cause he said he could not hit the broad side of a barn with it,he had a cheap scope on it and traded.A few minutes later I asked the salseman about the 338 win mag ruger,he had taken the scope off and had it for sale on the other end of the table,he said he knew the man that had that ruger 338 and would shoot 1 inch groups all day long.He didn't know I saw the trade and heard the true story,he lied up and down and swore on his mothers eyes that the gun would shoot 1 inch groups.I was so disgusted that I went home and said I would never buy a used gun again.It could have been the scope or the young man may have had too much gun for his size,but I heard him admit he could not hit the broad side of a barn.I don't know if I will buy a used gun or not,but I remmember that story and the lie.I'll let you know what if anything I get.Drop-Shot
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D.S. , The same reason you said about lieing saleman is the reason I will not buy a used gun from someone I do not know. A gunshop friend of mine specializes in used guns and checks them out before he will put one on his racks. He is real honest too everyone who buys a gun from him and thats very rare today.
I broke my rule today 8point,I bought a used 338 win mag,winchester model 70 and the scope hole to the rear of the gun looks buggered and may have to have a larger screw tapped for the base,other than that it looks ok.How can I tell if its a pre 64 model ?I got it for 345.00,I traded a 9mm pistol that I never used and 45.00.I paid 319.00 + tax,I had 370.00 wrapped up in the pistol,but even though I never shot it,it's used cause I sent the paper work in.I was told it was only worth 275.00 buy the folks I bought it from cause they said we don't know if it's never been shot,so I feel I made a good deal if the scope mount hole is not too badly buggered up.Drop-Shot
Does it have control feed or push feed? All pre-64's are control fed like the new classic models. Ireally don't think you have a pre model because it would have cost you some big bucks even with a buggered scope mount hole.
8point this might sound like a stupid question,but I don't know the difference.I've never owned a winchester,it's got a floor spring loaded gate that opens and you can unload from the bottom.It has a black forend and walnut stock.I don't have ammo yet to see if it pushes up or if the bolt catches the round and slams it home.Will the serial number help? I doubt its a pre64 but it's a nice gun and the gentleman said he killed several elk and mule deer with it,and he said they don't get up like 270 or 30/06.The shells are so high and he don't reload so he only uses a 35 whelen for the past 10 years and will never part with it.I have so little in the gun that I could let a gunsmith fix the buggered hole and still be ok in the gun.I may put a vx 1 3x9x40 leupold.Even the cheap leupolds have the best eye relief in the industry,but if I could find a used leupold I may get it.I found Khales 4x scope for 250.00,even scratched up it was a nice scope but it was gone when I went back.I am going tomarrow to get a safe.It onlys holds 25 long guns so I will keep my cheep 10 gun safe but will put carpet in it.Drop-Shot
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BTW 8point I will have to wait on that tikka t3,but I will get one soon,If I put it on law-way I may take a few months but I will get it.Drop-Shot
Your right about your deal DS , but I'd put a VX 2 on it instead.I only have one Leupold , its a vari x 3. They are worth the money,but there are other scopes I like that cost less. I will not buy lower end scopes because you get what you pay for in the long run. Weaver, Simmons,Redfield are owned buy the same company.Burris falls under Berreta.Bushnells higher end stuff is made in Japan and is of good quality.Nikon Monarch line is clear as a bell( at least 94% light transmittion). I just can't stick to just one brand.
Good point 8point,the newer leupolds offers 97% light transfer on the VXlll and the LPS models offer99.6% but money never used to be a problem,now it is.The first thing is to get the tikka T3 and save,save for a VXlll scope.Why have the accuracy of a T3 and not put a great scope on it.I came out with 220.00 extra from the gun show.My wife is going to have a medical procedure performed tomarrow,so there goes the money I made at the gun show.I love my liberty gunsafe,it only holds 25 long guns,but there is no getting in with out the electronic numbers.A 9volt battery operates it and a 2 year litheum back up battery stays charged as long as the 9 volt is ok,they said to change the 9volt once a year and never have to worry.Life time warrenty.590 lbs ,I still have my cheap 10 long gun safe,so I have enough.Once I get these doctor bills paid I am putting a tikka T3 on lay-a-way.Drop-Shot
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:D Thats the spirit D S........
Hey 8point,have you ever heard of a Marlin scope?It's 1.75-5X40,It's used but lightly,looks good.Who made them for Marlin?I can get it for 55.00-65.00 I think,I kept in touch with a man from the gun show.I'll know tomarrow evening.I bought a used VARI X ll 3-9X40.So the marlin scope is for later,for a marlin or collectors Item,I don't know.Drop-Shot
I'd get it just because of the name and I would find a nice Marlin rifle to put it on.
I only have 5 marlins,hum which one?mabe the 35 rem.Drop-Shot
Any body else.Have you ever saw a Marlin scope its a 1.75-5X40.I even saw the box,even the box looked great.I was supposed to call tonight but I'm going to bed early tonight,I'll call him tomarrow.Drop-Shot :(
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