Tikka T3 Tactical .223

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by mosulli4, Apr 29, 2005.

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    I have been thinking of getting my hands on a Tikka T3, specifically a Tactical model, in .223, with 24 inch barrel. Here in Ireland sound moderators are legal, so the factory threaded muzzle is attractive on this specific rifle.
    What bullet weights work well with this rifles 1 in 8 twist.

    Also, as handloading is illegal here, what type of factory ammo is very accurate?


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    I own a T-3 in .223 and love it!!! I even purchased an extended 6 round magazine for varmint hunting. My rifle has a 1 in 12 twist and shoots Winchester Wildcat 45 grain varminters very well. The rifle will hold to just under 1 minute of angle with this ammo. I expect she'll do better with handloads, and when I get finished building my house I will work on that. I am a reloader, and I can tell you ...that handloading is the way to squeeze every fraction of an inch out of a caliber. I did check the Beretta website and the rifle you mentioned, ( the tactical ), has the same twist rate as mine; 1 in 12. So are you sure your info is correct? Anyway, Beretta has an info page about the twist rates they use. Perhaps you might want to check that out. A good rule of thumb for twist rates is, heavier bullets usually shoot better in faster twist barrels. So, a 55 grain bullet, which is just about the standard military round, should be perfect for a 1 in 10, but in addition, the rifle should also do fairly well up to about 63 grains. It is unfortunate that you aren't legally allowed to handload, but there are many factory loaded offering available for the .223. I rarely see the heavier bullets here in my area. More common are the 45 and 55 grain rounds. But I think that's because the .223 has become one of the premier varmint calibers. Hope this helps.

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    the 1:8 twist will most likely work better, well not necesarilly better but it will be able to stablize heavier bullets because they will spin faster.