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Tikka Whitetail Hunter

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Love them Tikka's :wink:

Who else is shooting them :?:

What calibre :?:

I shoot the 243Win topprd with a Nikon 3-9 x 40

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I don't own one at this time but my next rifle will be a titka white tail in one of the short 300 magnums,I'm not sure the last one I looked at wasn't a winchester short mag,or it could have been the remington short ultramag,but thats my next gun.Drop-Shot
I have the Whitetail Hunter 595 left-hand in 7-08 and love it! After trying about five loads with 140 gr bullets, it was shooting just over 1/2 inch for multiple 3-shot groups. It is as accurate as most heavy-barrel varmint rifles, and weighs a lot less. One of the best, most accurate rifles I have ever owned!
I would buy another one in 308 if I could find it. Don't like the T-3 since it is a long action, and I already have a long-action rifle.
One of the local gun shop has a titka t-3 on sale and I have never seen the gun.It's on sale for 489.00 in 30/06.I am going to have to take a look at it.Drop-Shot
DP, its a smooth little gun.The bolt on the one I handled was like butter.
8point they have them in blue in a synthetic stock in 30/06,but the barrel is only 22 inches and I like a more weight on the muzzel,they have a 300 win mag in stainless in a synthetic stock(black) and a 300 wsm stainless with a 26 inch barrel in a laminated stock,but the latter is 765.00 Which would you choose?Drop-Shot
I'm not a big fan of laminated stocks. I do like synthetic, and if you could get a WSM in that configuration that would be the one I'd want. If not then get the one in 300 win mag.
I own one in the .223 This is perhaps the best out of box rifle I've ever owned. It can easily hold under one minute of angle @ 100 yards; and that's with the cheap ammo. Can't wait to see what she'll do when i get around to handloading.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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